Outdoor furniture market - the development trend of a complete solution

Social warming is driving demand for outdoor furniture

The haze of the epidemic has shrouded the global village, home people hope to feel the taste of "fresh freedom" at the same time, relax, the global outdoor furniture market in such a trend, is expected to usher in spring.

Early outdoor furniture is not its own school, most residents just simply moved indoor furniture to outdoor use, but a long time of sun and rain will only compress its service life, when the "wilderness survival" skills become urgent, outdoor furniture also emerged. Nowadays, family homes or open-air business places equipped with courtyards have become indispensable outdoor furniture, supplemented by appropriate outdoor furniture, such as mini balconies can also improve the comfort of people's living space. In addition, social events such as family dinners, weddings and warm-downs are expected to make a comeback with the global epidemic easing, thus driving the demand for outdoor furniture products.

Since the epidemic, the consumption scene has shifted to online, and consumers are paying more attention to difference and cost performance when choosing products, which are pushing outdoor furniture manufacturers to improve their existing work processes to respond to changes in consumer demand and improve operational efficiency. Under the epidemic, the corporate sense of social responsibility has become a major factor affecting consumers' purchasing decisions, and many consumers have begun to reflect on their past living habits, hoping to reduce the negative impact on the environment while meeting their personal needs.

The concept of sustainable development and the desire to improve the living environment have become external factors that promote the global outdoor furniture market to continue to advance. It is inevitable that consumers will switch to a better living environment due to the travel ban during the pandemic, but experts expect that in the post-pandemic era, consumers' enthusiasm for residential renovation will increase.

The demand for outdoor furniture in hotels, restaurants and office Spaces has surged

Recently, the radius of consumer activity is gradually expanding, and travel has once again become a "top priority" in life. The flow of people in hotels, resorts and open courtyards is gradually returning to before the epidemic, and these trends represent the strong development momentum of the outdoor furniture market to a certain extent. In addition, consumers are increasingly concerned about "outdoor decoration", and the front courtyard or the balcony in front of the room has become "the object to be transformed".

Outdoor furniture must have a certain tolerance, crack resistance, insect resistance to withstand the "test of nature", which is also the first consideration of consumers in the purchase of the issue, today, most companies have shifted the direction of research and development to environmentally friendly integrated furniture, in order to ease the fear of choice and take the sustainable road between, to find a balance.

In addition, resorts and hotels and other leisure and entertainment places have been closed by the epidemic, and now they are gearing up for a beautiful turnaround, and the demand for outdoor furniture is naturally indispensable. In addition, the hot real estate industry will also drive the sales of outdoor furniture. Some open-air/semi-open-air restaurants and offices need to be renovated to meet the needs of social isolation in the post-epidemic era, which will also greatly promote the prosperity of the outdoor furniture market.

The Asia Pacific region accounts for a major share of the outdoor furniture market

Innovative furniture products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in the Asia Pacific region. Not only the increase in disposable income of consumers themselves and the increasing emphasis on taking care of the extension space beyond the living room, but also the increasing urbanization in the Asia-Pacific region and the need for furniture to fill high-rise buildings for use are the major factors contributing to the growth of the outdoor furniture market. In Singapore, India, Malaysia and other tourism-driven countries, demand for outdoor furniture is also soaring. In the developed countries with an aging population, the reality version of "Crazy Gold" is being staged, and the enthusiasm for manor homes will continue to inject a boost to the global furniture market. By 2031, the global outdoor furniture market is expected to be worth more than $31 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 6% over the cycle (that is, 2021-2031).


The use of natural raw materials is a research and development trend

The use of outdoor furniture scenes are mostly in the outdoors, and the materials need to be extra refined, among which eucalyptus and teak are more common raw materials, and the rich natural oil in the two kinds of wood can form a natural barrier to isolate insects and ants and moisture. Among them, teak furniture can maintain better integrity even if it is not covered and does not do special maintenance. In addition, teak outdoor furniture can be frosted and polished to restore the original natural warm brown tone, the future, teak outdoor furniture will be a landmark product to drive consumer demand.

Acacia wooden outdoor furniture is characterized by durability, its own characteristics, that is, wear resistance, waterproof, etc., eliminating the use of many chemicals, belongs to environmentally friendly materials, is one of the mainstream research and development materials in the future.

The market development trend of outdoor furniture is fully understood

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the global economic slowdown, business premises entry and exit posts limited, outdoor furniture market demand is compressed, in addition by its high production costs, warehousing management costs, become a small seller barriers to enter the market, and now the epidemic repeated, even in the future open space pattern setting will drive the global market for outdoor furniture further demand, But sellers need the ability to store redundant inventory and the cash flow to withstand these uncertainties.