Outdoor furniture


Last week, I visited Jisson Webon in Pazhou and found that the best-selling furniture is outdoor furniture. TOPMAX (Topmans), CF (Conocophillips), etc., all have good results. This is a weather vane, at least to illustrate the urban stone forest people's hot desire for the natural world. And the design of outdoor furniture, also increasingly reflects the essence of "outdoor", a word: wild!

Material: Multiple "wild" flavor
Early outdoor furniture is mostly solid wood, rattan art, plastic, alloy, inflation, etc., each with its own characteristics. But the biggest test facing the real outdoor furniture is the sun and rain, cold and hot summer, so the material must be specially treated to meet the characteristics of moisture, moth, rain, corrosion and so on. However, in this regard, the performance of solid wood, rattan art, inflatable, and plastic are unsatisfactory, so the vast majority of outdoor furniture is made of the following three types of materials, one is iron art (including alloy), one is stainless steel and teak, and one is a combination of pure aluminum frame and PE rattan. Among them, the most prominent visual effect and the most convenient to move is the combination of pure aluminum frame and PE rattan.

In order to ensure its comfort, the general outdoor furniture will choose textiles with waterproof function, the real "three anti cloth" is too hard, affecting the feeling of sitting. But no matter what kind of material is used, the appearance of the treatment is emphasized from nature, highlighting the taste of "wild" in the diversity.

Design: Natural "wild" interest

Outdoor furniture is not hindered by limited space, so there is no specific style of detail agreement, however, visual impact is definitely one of the most focused features of outdoor furniture. From the Guangzhou market to see the outdoor furniture, in addition to part of the extension to the indoor furniture, most of them are undauntless, which to streamline, arc, leaves, boats and flowers and other shapes as the theme, giving people a feeling of closeness to nature. Its design principle is in line with the curve of the human body and its own material properties as two reference points, emphasizing the smooth sense of the overall shape and rhythm, giving people a beautiful temptation like a poem.

Color: gorgeous "wild" nature

Because the shape is simple and the material is light, the outdoor furniture is generally light, and the gorgeous color brings people a healthy and bright experience. The reporter saw in the outdoor furniture market in Guangzhou that the green that is conveniently hidden between flowers and trees and the bright white on the beach under the blue sky and white clouds are very popular. However, the latest outdoor furniture has begun to use aesthetic principles, so that systematic furniture in the styling style, the main color, body composition and other aspects to achieve unity. For example, returning to the original, capturing the natural trend of imitation old vine weaving, imitation rope weaving, relative to bright colors, this more "wild" design style is more characteristic.

Concept: Happy to live "wild" outside

Mr. Frans Schrofer, a well-known Dutch designer, told reporters that outdoor furniture is born for LOHAS (Lohas). Happy life is not only a way of life, but also a close to the source of life, natural, healthy, exquisite attitude to life, of which environmental protection is an important element. He told reporters that outdoor tables and chairs with the function of purifying the air and sunshade umbrellas that can release negative ions have been available, and the negative ions released by them can be REDOX reactions after contact with harmful gases, bacteria and pollutants around them, effectively killing various bacteria and harmful pollutants. Even if you are in the family, you can enjoy the fun of the "wild" forest oxygen bar because of outdoor furniture.