Recycling Economy

[building materials network] With the increasing popularity of low-carbon circular economy, wood-plastic flooring has begun to attract market attention due to its low-carbon and environmental protection. It is also one of the products that have just become popular in China in recent years.
Wood-plastic flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite product. The lignol produced in the production and high-density fiberboard process is added with recycled plastic to make wood-plastic composite materials through granulation equipment, and then extruded into production groups to make wood-plastic flooring.
Wood-plastic flooring is in line with the development direction of the industry.
With the increasing emphasis on environmental resources, the circular economic development model with the recycling of waste materials and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core has become the trend of world economic development. Vigorously developing resource recycling technology will have a profound impact on the development of the national economy and the sustainable development of the environment. The use of waste plastics and wooden fibers to produce wood-plastic composite products is a good project to meet this requirement.
As the domestic market is still in its infancy, wood-plastic products have not been widely promoted in the domestic market. Compared with the North American market, there is still considerable room for the growth of wood-plastic composites and finished products in the Chinese market. It is expected that the domestic wood-plastic composites market will produce more than one million tons in recent years, with an output value of more than 1 billion yuan, and form a new wood-plastic composite product system.
Wood-plastic flooring may become a trend.
For consumers, wood-plastic flooring is an energy-saving and environment-friendly product, which can not only control the emission of harmful substances, but also make the ground waterproof and moisture-proof.
For designers, wood-plastic flooring, a new material, has the affinity of natural wood, and a variety of models and colors can meet the designer's design requirements for innovation and difference.
For decoration companies, wood-plastic flooring is easy to install, which can greatly save material costs, labor costs and construction costs during construction. The advantage of construction period can not only improve the winning rate of project voting, but also have the opportunity to undertake more other projects in advance and win more benefits for enterprises. The product's waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and non-deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.